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Please visit us at our new location:

5909 Falls Rd
Baltimore MD 21209

Hours of Operation:

M-F 10am - 8pm
Sat 10am - 5pm

Premium Cigars at Mt. Washington Cigar Co.
Mount Washington : Towson : Baltimore, Maryland

The NEW Mt Washington Cigar

Nestled in the heart of Mt Washington, we purchased a circa 1848 building, the oldest building in the Poplar Hill - Mt Washington area. After a complete renovation, we now have a gorgeous home to offer our clientele an outstanding selection of premium cigars and a comfortable, rustic lounge to enjoy them in. A saloon from 1850 until 1980, we embraced the age of the building and took great measures to keep our new home as if it was still the mid 1800's, but with some modernization. The premium vinyl exterior looks identical to the original cedar shakes that were on the building. The new interior walls look as if they were from the mid 1800's, as well as the floor, which was stained to give the feel of the dirt floor when originally constructed.

An abundance of natural light fills the store, making it enjoyable to enjoy your cigar while listening to Sinatra, watching TV, surfing the net, or telling lies to the guys!

* Just 1 block north of the Kelly Ave Bridge
* 1/2 mile north of Northern Parkway
* 3 miles inside Beltway Exit 23 - Falls Rd South
* Private parking lot & Street parking

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Mt. Washington Cigar Co.
5909 Falls Rd
Baltimore MD 21209

Specializing in Premium Cigars, Discount Cigars & Smoke Shop.
Premium Cigars, Discount Cigars & Smoke Shop at Mt. Washington Cigars.

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Discount Cigars Mt Washington | Premium Cigars Baltimore | Smoke Shop Maryland

Mount Washington Cigars in Mt. Washington near Towson & Baltimore, Maryland.